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March 20, 2020



Unless it's just a typo-fixing run (and barring extraordinary circumstances), yes, revision generally takes longer than rapid production of raw materials for me as well. (with a few exceptions where the genre itself thwarts me)

Sorry about the case of mistaken identity; that is very awkward.

I hope writing and oil painting can overlap as hobbies - I've been enjoying your oil painting progress!

(have you thought of doing an oil painting of The Hat?)


KC - Celebrity Hat immortalized in oil is an appealing thought, but I would paint the live model and get oil paint all over her.


Yes, you would want to immortalize Celebrity Hat in oil paint from a distance, rather than preserving Celebrity Hat via a coating of oil paint...

(I had no idea oil painting was that splashy!)


KC - not splashy ... it just gets everywhere. I just painted an hour ago, and all I did was hold a tube while I unscrewed the car. In less than a minute paint was on both sides of my hand, the paintbrush, and my paint box. It spreads easily.


That's impressive stuff! Yikes.

(could you put Celebrity Hat behind a pane of glass, or would that make her feel too much like a museum exhibit?)


KC -That is a thought. I would use plexiglass, which doesn’t shatter. But then, the light I would use to illuminate CH would just bounce off the plexiglass, or any glass, for that matter.


Museum curators and stop-motion animators (weird groups of people, I know) have tricks for how to set light and glass up so that in photos the glass isn't visible and isn't reflecting anything; a lot of that comes down to controlling the other light sources in the room, figuring out what angle you want to optimize for, and setting things at oblique angles, though. But it would probably be possible to work out something similar for a portrait session with Museum Hat if she would tolerate it.


Sorry, sorry, Celebrity Hat, not Museum Hat. (will she ever forgive me?)


KC - CH forgives you. She knows someday she will be in a museum.

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