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March 15, 2020



I'm very glad it was friendly! Also glad that Gary found toilet paper. I was torn as to whether to get some or not - we have a month and a half's worth, but I really *really* like to have a good supply of toilet paper - but I figured that if we bought some, then since they keep running out, that might mean that someone who was actually *out* out of toilet paper might not get any, which is... not so good. So, we'll wait and hope Gary is wrong about the Origin of All Toilet Paper. :-)


KC -last night he was seriously considering a bidet attachment for the toilets. I think he should try using the shower first and see if he can handle it. I don’t think he can.


One comfort-based issue with many/most US bidet attachments is that they are hooked up directly to the toilet inflow water. Which is COLD.

(that said, a less-aggressive rinsing option, for those who need more of a rinse than a scrub-down: those angle-necked squeezy bottles for watering plants [or whatever] which can have the straw removed from the middle and then can be filled with hot water from the tap: tip upside down, aim, and squeeze. Then pat-dry can be done with rags or whatever. I do not have non-tp solutions for the scrub-down situations, however...)


KC - Good tip! Gary’s age lets him buy toilet paper before the hoarders arrive, but if we are pushed I will remember to heat up the shower first.

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