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March 07, 2020


Arlene Wise

I'm 69 years old, so mostly staying home (in Omaha). We're up to 5 cases in Nebraska--3 in Omaha. But, once started, it spreads so fast.

Perhaps, I'm getting a little paranoid. When I must go out, I put a piece of red tape on the end of each of my index fingers. It's red tape and I'm sure I don't look strange. The thing is, it will remind me not to touch my face.



Arlene - I’m a little freaked out now that I realize people can spread the virus for eight days before they even get a fever. I’ve got class tonight and a taping tomorrow, so I am going to wear black gloves and clutch a wipe in each one. I’ve taken to touching my face only with the earpiece of my glasses now.

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