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February 09, 2020



Just wondering if you have any more thoughts on Parasite's win now that it has been a few days. I noticed way back you had pegged it as your least favourite, and I have to say - speaking as someone who has seen NONE of the nominees, and yet reads People Magazine and so is entitled to a strong opinion - that I was really surprised. Do you think the Academy was reacting to the horror of the Green Book win by showing they could be "edgy" and supportive of alternative voices by swinging in the far opposite direction? Or has Parasite improved in your esteem after thinking it over?


Lynn - some bloggers I know and respect seem to have loved it. I still feel cold about t, but I know I feel cold about all three movies I saw on Netflix. A big part of what I liked about JoJo was laughing and crying with the rest of the audience. To be fair, I would have to see it again in a theater.

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