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February 23, 2020



People caring about the people around them and wanting to help them if help is needed can be such a good thing when it is done well and with good intentions, but similar "expressions of concern" can be such a ...something not good... thing. Patronizing? Oddly dehumanizing, in some cases? Removal of agency, judgmental, you-don't-belong-here-ish?

I guess: when people are concerned and wanting to help if necessary, whoever you are and whatever your limitations are, and are not mad if you do not actually need them, and are happy to not insist on helping if you do not need help, it is good. If people are wanting to faux-assist you to remove their own discomfort with your presence, it is bad. If people are wanting to Be The Hero Of This Story, that is also usually bad, although sometimes the technical non-psychological outcomes are at least more or less fine.

(also: arcane building names, oy. The worst is, I think, colleges that have multiple buildings named after the same person, so the locals rely on context to know which "Jones" (or whatever) building is the relevant one [dorm or classroom building or annex], which makes them, and the available maps, often very unhelpful to the uninitiated!)

(Is this the writing class? I hope it's really, really good!)


KC - this is the writing class. And it has homework. Chapter 1 took up hours of my Saturday.

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