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February 22, 2020



I doubt that Tylee took off with JJ, given the timeline. She went missing before he did, and the mother had been making arrangements for their disappearances. For example, JJ was autistic and had a service dog to help him emotional problems, but the mother returned the dog to the trainers, citing "changed family circumstances" shortly before JJ disappeared.

There's an excellent report at https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/crime/missing-rexburg-kids/lori-vallow-missing-rexburg-kids-jj-tylee-arrest-court-documents/277-2556db97-d6c6-4a03-a9bc-5c4a6aad7f5f which includes a very good timeline.

The mother and her new husband are heavily involved in a doomsday/end-of-times thingy, and I would not be surprised if they had decided to "spare" the children the coming tribulations and "sent them on ahead to Heaven". It wouldn't be the first time kids were sent ahead.

By the way, Tylee has an older full brother, adult, and very worried about her. They apparently had kept in touch, but he hasn't been able to locate her since the trip to Yellowstone.

Do read that article.



~`Silk - well, now I’m worried the 17 year old was murdered in that one spot in Yellowstone where you can supposedly get away with murder. That’s discouraging.


That section of Yellowstone is in Idaho. The book about it is a bestseller in Idaho. The family lived in Idaho. Interesting.


~~Silk - rreeeeaaaalllly ... that is horrifying and interesting. I can’t believe they haven’t closed the Zone of Death loophole. So far the only fatality was an elk.

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