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January 09, 2020



I have absolutely no idea, but I also do not know what "paint from dark to light" means, so... right. Does anyone else post progress shots of their glazed pieces so that you can get a better sense of whether this is a Normal Stage In The Process or indeed the pitcher is just going to be red now?


KC - there are a lot of examples out there. When I was starting I didn’t try this technique — I just used the “alla prima” method and painted all the colors without waiting for any to dry. Then there was the Venetian technique, which I used for the teacups. There you paint an opaque black and withe versions and then layer transparent color on top. What I was trying was to make all they layers transparent, like I would do with watercolors, and it’s just not working. But I agree. That’s what I should do though - find a step-by step example of someone using this layering technique. Thank you!

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