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January 08, 2020



I appreciate your sacrifice. They stuck Cats into our Broadway Across Canada subscription with Hamilton so I guess I have to see the musical, at least. The movie I'll hate-watch with my daughter if it hits Netflix.


Allison - Friend #4 walked out of the musical. But I understand that it’s very popular.


That main cat is... oh, dear. I... no, I do not think I want to see anything of that.

From your Judi Dench link, it sounds like Cats sort of has a tradition of being a train wreck up until the last minute, or perhaps past it? I mean, I am a moderate T.S. Eliot fan, but that does not mean that any given set of random poems can be turned into a competent musical.

It is pretty weird, though, and that gives it some Maybe Art cred, perhaps, with some; and then it is also dancing cats, so that appeals to a crowd. I don't know. I think the musical was on PBS sometime in my childhood and I was initially fascinated (because cats! dancing! singing words!) but then the lack of a discernible plot at whatever point in the musical it was just sort of lost me...


KC - Jennifer Hudson who stars in this movie tried to argue that the search for the Jellicle cat who shall be reborn is the plot. Not very satisfying.


I dearly want to see this, for the hate watch. But I refuse to pay the money. I keep hoping a DVD will drop into my life so that I can take it to my sister + SILs weekend away in March.


Magpie - I can think of no better hate-watch movie. Perhaps if you are staying in a hotel it might be one of the hotel pay-per-view options. Well, but then you would have to pay. Some rooms have free HBO. Otherwise, I think you might need to hate-watch something else.

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