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January 05, 2020



ARGGGGHHHHH I want to throat-punch Gary.


Allison - Most of the time I don’t take him seriously so it doesn’t bother me. You should have seen him when I took the Series 7 stockbroker exam - so many things I knew that he didn’t. He could not deal with it.


I... would not naturally cope well with that. My spouse tilts skeptic, but it does not bother him when I know more in a specific weird area of knowledge than he does (at least, he doesn't tend to show it! maybe it bothers him, but honestly, probably not unless it's something he thought he knew more about?).

Most of the performers in that general field (probably none of them were that specific subtype?) I've seen/heard of do keep up a patter, though, and some of them credit part of the outcome to things either revealed by the patter or suggested to the subject by the patter. See "The Mesmerist" (well, listen to it, rather, since it's a podcast) of https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07dx75g/episodes/player for info on how one of the tricks is done.


(the patter also keeps it entertaining for onlookers, probably. I can imagine that, say, two minutes of dead silence while nothing apparent is going on might lose a crowd to some degree, unless you'd *really* built up to that.)


KC - also, the patter might be a misdirection, a big principle of magic.

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