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January 06, 2020



1. There is no shame for throwing a party that gets trashed by a snowstorm (frustration, yes, but meteorological control is, I suspect, something you'd be blogging about a lot if you had it).
2. There is no shame for throwing a pretty-darn-good surprise party (gumbo! cake! at your own house!) just because someone throws a *better* surprise party for her husband's 50th birthday.

But yes, that does sound epic!


KC - I’m not really ashamed as much as competitive.

Friend #2

Fifteen years ago, I was a broke, exhausted working mother of a pair of three-year-olds who wanted nothing more than to run away to New Orleans and leave everything behind. Gumbo (from the Gumbo Shop, if I remember correctly), beer, and not-home was the perfect antidote. Thank you for providing it.

And, yeah, that was a freaking awesome party. Thanks for being there and bringing the love.


Friend #2 - epic. No other party will ever equal it. But if you try, please invite me.

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