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December 09, 2019



I've read some decent but mostly-plotless books... but this is not sounding either 1. like my cup of tea (understatement; I have a fairly vigorous preference against spending time with people in a book who I would loathe spending time with in real life) or 2. like it is terrifically high in quality. But so it goes, with chapters-missing novels, perhaps? Are you thinking at this point that it has rewriting possibilities, or... not so much?


KC - I don’t know what to do with it. If any bit of a coherent plot shows up I might try re-writing. Something has to happen. It actually is well written, just ... you can only do so much with descriptions.

Lynn Jatania

I'm on the edge of my seat, following along with the novel. Thanks for the updates!


I feel like you're creative enough that you could probably form the connective tissue of a plot between chunks of description? But it's definitely harder than fleshing out something that already has a skeleton and ligaments to it...


Lynn - thank you!
KC - I think if I came up with a conflict to resolve, the. It would be obvious the role each character would play, so easier I think.

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