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November 21, 2019



That's impressive!

I think either trying to paint what you see in the pitcher or trying to paint the sphere you know that part of it is would be fine - they'll teach you/train you in different, both-useful things?


KC - I’ve never had this discrepancy between what I see and what I should see before - perhaps, like Monet, my vision is going.


Mm. I could be wrong, but I suspect it's actually that your brain has previously been not-paying-attention *just* enough to let it merge the two where relevant. This is a fairly normal thing in the artistic development process, as I understand it - you think you're seeing things, and then further into work and practice and *really* examining and comparing, you realize you aren't - you were doing a mashup, combining what you thought ought to be there and what you were seeing, without noticing. And then you make progress in truly seeing things from there?

But yeah, the inevitable degeneration of the body is also possible. I just doubt that's it, when what you're experiencing at age ? sounds so similar to what I experienced in my early thirties and what other people have reported experiencing anytime between their teens and their eighties... (also, apparently you can have this "aha!" multiple times and in multiple... sensory processing mechanisms? music, visual arts, flavors. And it may happen more than once, because honestly I think the brain *likes* reconciling what it's expecting to what's there.)


KC - I think you ARE right, it’s a mashup. I think I need to veer more toward what I know it is instead of what I see. I’ll try that for the next pass of the pitcher and see if that’s better.

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