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November 02, 2019



This is exactly the kind of review I love - no spoilers, no plot points, just how it made you feel. Sold.

Big Dot

So glad you liked it. Reviews have been variable and the Poms especially took a dim view. I’m keen to see it again.


Allison - I thought about including "[SPOILER] the Germans lose the war" but I decided against it.
Big Dot - (pauses a moment to look up Pom) Really, the English didn't like it? The people who brought us The Germans episode of Fawlty Towers? To be fair, I did wonder if the sobbing person behind us was someone who had survived an air raid or bombing attack.


Just saw it today. Kind of felt bodyslammed by how excellent it was. Yorki and JoJo are amazing. Cried and laughed loudly with tears still running down my cheeks. Absolutely loved it!


Angie - yes! It is wonderful.

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