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October 31, 2019



That looks like a great base!

(and I will be very curious as to whether the saran wrap works...)


KC - well, half the paint comes off on the Saran Wrap, so there’s still waste.


Tupperware time, maybe? (using a tupperware lid for the pallette, I would assume)

Can you get the paint off the Saran Wrap with a knife/brush/implement-of-choice-for-painting? But: probably not worth it.


KC- they do sell wee litle capped plastic containers you can scrape your paint into. I really should have just done it in a day. But, when you watch the pros paint of YouTube they waste epic amounts of paint. Some even mix up a dark and light version of every color in the spectrum, just in case.


I would be totally uninterested in wee little capped containers you can scrape the paint into, because then you would have to clean them afterwards.

I think that if the worry of wasting paint is preventing one from mixing up as much paint as one needs, or, worse, preventing one from painting at all, then finding solutions to paint waste is good. Ditto if lack of paint (or lack of money to pay for more paint) is a serious limiting constraint. But if you've got the moxie and the money to not care about paint waste, then, eh? (but it seems that confidence about one's work being Worth any amount of Waste is somewhat... oh, gender-imbalanced, one might say, especially among amateurs [women who get to the very top are usually less apologetic; whether that's a trait that helped them get to the top or whether that's something that comes with sufficient self-confidence and self-confidence in an area generally arrives at gender-imbalanced timescales, or a mix, or something else, I do not know.)(I guess: you can waste paint and thereby Stick it to the Man [not Gary], if that helps. Or maybe tupperware. :-) )


KC - I don’t think it’s the price I mourn, it’s the effort required to mix just the right color. The effort seems wasted.


But you used some of that color, presumably? So not totally wasted. But yes, a sigh for the wasted effort.


KC - well, actually, the Saran Wrap worked pretty well. I reclaimed about half of it.

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