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October 03, 2019



Well, the glass bowl looks like a glass bowl, anyway. Sorry you haven't been able to get it just the way you want it.

And the foot is amazing; good work. And spectacular improvement in... movement? non-stiltedness? Not sure how to express it, but there's something there that really isn't in the older painting of the same subject. :-)


KC - i think it isn’t what’s there in the new foot, it’s what isn’t there: frugality. I used up half a tube of paint on the new foot.


Looking at them again, I think part of it is that the little toes aren't all lined up, and are different lengths, so there's less of a This Is Very Posed sort of appearance.

But yes, also a bunch of paint instead of a light coating. ;-)


KC - I am vain about the slope of my toes, and I think it got too exaggerated in the yellow paining. The other painting is more accurate, only my index toe isn’t that skinny.


Yeah, I don't think anyone's index toe is quite that skinny, but the different lengths plus the less-formal foot pose plus the... shadows? on the feet combine to make it feel more like a real, albeit loose, capturing of a foot.

I, uh, do not have any substance to be vain about my feet, although they're in better shape than those of my pointy-toe-heel-wearing friends, and definitely in better shape than those of the people in ballet who went on to do pointe work, because that is just absolutely brutal.

Okay, actually, no, they are prehensile enough to pick up small objects (while wearing socks or barefoot, although the range of what I can pick up is greater while barefoot, and to open doorknobs in a real pinch. So I am probably vain about that.


I am also vain about the opposable big toe. I pick things up by foot as often as I can.


Hooray for multi-talented feet!

Also, I saw this and thought of your foot palette-knife painting and went "huh, if she ever wants to get a job at a bakery doing painting with a knife and buttercream instead of oil paints, apparently she could!": https://www.instagram.com/p/B3F29LnBF5M/

(if they wanted feet instead of flowers, that is. Specialty bakery? Very specialty?)


KC - that does look edible.

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