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October 17, 2019




(and yes, faces are hard, and faces of people you know are even harder. Oy. But at some point you'll have built up the seeing-and-doing skills such that you can do them non-frustratingly! In theory, anyway. :-) )


KC - And then of course, I will be bored, and I will drop oil painting entirely.


Eh, once one masters making the people one knows not look weird, one can then move on to making the people one knows... look weird in specific ways. :-) There's always room for advancing skill (especially when you're so good at spotting the flaws in your work).

Do you have an average Hobby Lifespan, though? (I have seen you joke that you drop something as soon as you spend the money to get fully equipped for it, though - or something like that. :-) ) (I am also curious as to whether, once you drop something, you ever circle back around to it, or not? The way creative people approach hobbies is of inordinate fascination to me.)


KC - I recently tried to repair a stained glass thing I made years ago, and it was a complete failure. Granted, it was a challenging piece the first time I made it. I always imagine that when I retire I’ll have all the equipment to learn everything again.


That's actually kind of brilliant - build up, say, 10 hobbies such that you can do each for one half day once a week and both 1. make progress on each hobby while 2. not getting burned out on any of the hobbies and 3. having enough to do.


KC - Well, that sounds like a schedule, and we don't like schedules here. More likely, I'll be 100 and I'll go to the basement and think, "Why do I have this set of oil paints?" Then I would try to use them and think, "Wow, I'm a natural at this."


That? That would be hilarious.

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