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October 01, 2019



It's so nice when a diagnosis washes off with soap and water! (I am allergic to lilies, so if I did that, I would look... rather different.)


KC - what happens with your allergy? Hives?

Big Dot

At least it washes off skin - get it on clothing and that's an irremovable stain. I make it a habit to pinch off the stamens as soon as the flower opens enough to grab them. If you do it asap, the pollen hasn't dried enough to brush off.


Big Dot - yes, the washcloth I used to wash my face is a goner. I should go sterilize the new bunch right now. I chased Gary through the house with them yesterday.


I swell up, eyes/nose first, then throat. (children's Benadryl has always been fast enough to stop me from fully not being able to breathe, though. And sometimes I don't even need that if I get out of Lily Contaminated Area fast enough.)(same thing happens with some, but not all, cigarette smoke. I haven't yet asked smokers I am definitely allergic to and smokers I'm not allergic to what exactly they're smoking so as to pinpoint which brands/things are causing the trouble - it seems like it would be... awkward... to inquire, and probably has few practical applications.)

I suspect that with topical application I'd get hives, but who knows?


KC - for a long time I had swelling and hives with cats, and now that seems to have gone away. Perhaps the same will happen for you with lilies.


Q: did the going-away of the swelling and hives correspond to going on immunosuppressants? (I'd never thought of that as a possibility before, but it seems like it might be logical?) (also, some people do "grow out of" allergies, too, even without medical additions!)

But yes, I would love to be not allergic to things (she says with lingeringly-bruised eyelids following a who-even-knows-what inflation reaction; I guess, at least bright-colors eyeshadow is theoretically back in style now?).


KC -I thought it did, but I have also read that’s a stretch. I do remember my one visit to an allergy doctor was odd in that he told my mother that allergy tests were pointless since I could start or stop an allergy overnight.

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