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October 22, 2019


Big Dot

Well, thanks for that little fill-in on NZ recent history, Queen. I’d never heard of the CCC, but they were noisiest when I was out of the country. Defunct now, and good riddance.
Your family history is complicated. But, I suppose, whose isn’t?


That's wild. All of it.

(and yes, condolence cards seem morbid, but on the other hand it's Doing Something, and sometimes doing something about a thing that makes you sad can make you feel better? Not sure how well that would work for gradeschoolers, but... maybe?)

The Queen

Big Dot - I suppose it is complicated, what with half-siblings and step-parents. Especially since the stepfather is the boyfriend Mom ditched for the technical father. I don’t see my half-siblings having an easier time of it, since Jerry died in their teens and then their grandmother a few years after that. I think Their mother’s child from a first spouse took them in. And ... yes, that sounds complicated too.
KC - I do remember the Challenger exploded when I was teaching in a writing lab, and for the rest of the day all the writing was about the disaster. I didn’t assign it, it’s just all anything wanted to write about. To be fair, the teacher was probably going with the flow.

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