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September 08, 2019



Ah, sports, crossword-puzzle nemesis (I have never attended a trivia night, but have been thwarted by sports figure questions as long as I've been doing crossword puzzles, approximately).

What exactly *is* a Pringles flavor interactive category? Does the interactive modify flavor, such that you eat the chips and say the flavor, or...?

Big Dot

With you on the sports question blanks. That door is not only shut to me, but locked, chained and sealed with mastic.


KC - We had to eat the chips and identify the flavor. I was able to say “this is the worst flavor I have ever had” and then look through the possible flavors and say, “oh, mustard.” Similarly, I could say, “I like whatever this is,” and then call it as French onion dip.
Big Dot - luckily, Mr. Hot Mom is available for those questions, and to some degree Friend #3.

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