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September 19, 2019



That's the way it works sometimes. (but oh, it is frustrating when that is the way it works.)


KC - that’s another reason I don’t want to learn to knit. You can’t just correct one part: you have to tear it all apart.


Some expert knitters can pick up dropped stitches; it's pretty wild. (I am not an expert knitter.)

My usual knitting technique, upon encountering a mistake, is to either improvise and double down on it so it doesn't *look* like a mistake (I cannot follow knitting patterns *at all* if I don't totally understand how it's working, but the geometry of 3D yarn makes some amount of sense to me, so some degree of improv is therefore reasonable), or to say "that [stupid single extra stitch that I knit purl in the ribbing and that sticks out like a sore thumb, augh] shows it's hand-knit instead of machine-made!" and call it a feature.

Except the time I knit a letter into a baby hat backwards (the name had only four letters and I knit one of them *backwards*. Why I did not map the planned-in-my-head cross-stitch-grid-style letter-knitting out on paper beforehand so that I would realize this sort of thing, I do not know.). That one I had to frog out, and it was painful.

That said, if you knit small things (and use yarn that does not felt to itself as you knit it), then frogging is less painful, because "all the way back to the beginning" is still only an hour's worth of work. I mean, the hat was mostly painful because of the two-color thing and the fact of having gotten the *rest* of the letters totally right and not being 100% sure that I'd get them right when I re-did it...

But also, if you started knitting, you'd have to get a sheep, and then the sheep would eat the peanut vines, and Gary couldn't grow peanuts from raccoons and squirrels. So. Plenty of reasons to not start knitting. :-)

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