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September 01, 2019



In the last year, I've watched (binged) The West Wing twice and both times felt sad when it was over. And, Spencer's character was a favorite. Actually, most of the West Wing characters were favorites.

I also thought John Spencer looked older than his actual age, but apparently his on screen role mirrored another aspect of his real life. (I mean in addition to dying of a heart attack.) From what I've read, Spencer had had a serious problem with drugs and alcohol. I don't know how serious and long-lasting his problem was, but possibly it was enough to prematurely age him and damage his heart.

Love your 'one person's life' blog.


Arlene - I believe I read once that Aaron Sorkin, the creator, a recovering addict himself, made a point to hire fellow recovering addicts. And thank you for liking the blog. I found that waiting to post for anything of significance to happen made me post 24 times a year, so you all are getting a view of all my trivial purchases and entertainments.

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