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September 16, 2019



So your "personal assistants" 1. don't let you go to Wholefoods and 2. wake you up in the middle of the night with Taylor Swift? I would fire them so fast...


KC- and Apple Maps made me miss out on Llamas last month. But I love getting into bed and having Alexa turn off the light instead of getting out of bed and stumbling in the dark. That's worth it.


My daughter woke me up at five a.m yelling from the bathroom that she was light-headed and nauseous. I went to her and she was dead white. We hung out on the floor for a while. Then she felt better and fell back asleep. Me, not so much. On balance, I would have preferred Taylor Swift at four, but uninterrupted is definitely ideal.


Allison! Good god! That sounds horrifying.


It was less than ideal! Did I mention that I only work early mornings one day a week? Guess which day!!


Allison - the worst possible day, of course, but I imagine seeing a dead white child would give you enough adrenaline to get through a day. Has she fully recovered?

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