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September 28, 2019


Big Dot

Ha! Interesting. Your standard cursive is very similar to what I was taught - not at all what I expected, given that everyday American handwriting is so distinctively different from ours.
Not that I use it at all myself - I couldn’t write my notes at university fast enough and still legibly in cursive, so printed instead, which joined up by itself so in effect I invented my own handwriting.


Big Dot - How is American handwriting different? I would guess sloppier and more rushed. (You arne't judging all American handwriting by Trump's jagged signature, are you?)
Also, now I am curious to see everyone try this experiment.


I was amazed to read some time ago that some states have even stopped teaching cursive, which makes me wonder if at some point -sooner than later- there will be a group of people unable to read it. On the one hand, that seems silly, but if you’ve never learned it, would you recognize all the letters, especially if some of us (like me) deviate from the way we’re supposed ro write?


Lisa - my hope is that it will be like the historical documents, like those where the letter S has a tail that drops below the baseline, like a lowercase J. I could read those with a little effort. I just checked to see if I could read something older, like the Magna Carta, and I couldn't, but it turns out that was written in Latin.

Big Dot

Yours is scribblier and more jagged than ours, I think, and identifiably American. I'm not sure how rigidly it's taught in schools any more though, and since typing and texting are so important these days, perhaps it'll be a dying art anyway.


Big Dot - perhaps it’s our German influence. This page on a forbidden German cursive looks pretty spiky.

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