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August 20, 2019



There are definitely some cultural aspects to specific fashion appreciation, but that is surprisingly binary!

I would be curious, given some silhouette crossover between those pants and some clothes from... somewhere, but I don't remember where, in the Middle East, whether people from the culture-where-I-dimly-recall-pants-like-those might also like them?

There are a lot of clothing things where, the first time you see them, you go "weird. And not in a good way" and then with continued exposure, it gets normalized and you start liking it (whether it deserves it or not - see cut-out-shoulder shirts...). If you had extensive exposure to something (a color, color pairing, silhouette, bedazzling, etc.) and got attached and then didn't see much of it out in the wild for years, then I'd imagine you'd tend to respond with enthusiasm upon seeing an example? But who knows...

(for the record, my opinion is that they are not my cup of tea, but rank as more appealing than most peplums and definitely definitely better than those shoulder-cut-out pieces; I could definitely see someone a little bit "artistic" wearing these pants convincingly, but not tentative me. And I am ultra-pasty.)


KC - oh! The cold shoulder trend? I hate it. I don’t know why.

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