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August 15, 2019



I could *almost* get behind the clean tuna fish cans - at least they would contain things even if the drawer was slammed shut, unlike basically any saucer - but still, 1. wasted space and 2. sharp can edges and 3. do tuna fish cans ever get truly totally clean and non-fishy?

And yes, no shoes on a visible wall, thanks (although I could see maybe doing that in a closet *if* all your shoes had heels and balanced exactly right for it to even work in the first place and if that closet wall would otherwise be unused).

With the herbs, it may be feasible depending on which herbs and what your growing conditions are; I gave a two-month-old basil plant in a yogurt cup to a friend once and she repotted it into a pint container and it stayed in that container happily for over two years (she gave the plant back to me when they were moving out of state; basil is supposed to be an annual, but if you keep it indoors and cut the flowers off, apparently you can trick it into a longer lifespan?). That said, the container was a translucent plastic ice cream pint and was neither attractive nor retro, so I think we didn't succeed at the article's goals of Charming Repurposing. But also: those tea tins will be less charming with drip trays under them, presumably...


I do not believe tuna cans ever get utterly clean. If you had a cat, that cat could smell it and would be in that drawer all the time.


That makes me feel better about my tuna can washing abilities. :-)

(tuna-scented paperclips! tuna-scented rubber bands! tuna-scented thumb tacks! How could you possibly pass up this opportunity for an olfactory theme?)

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