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August 01, 2019



Awww. Yay for non-creepy hugs!

I do not know how someone below normal height (any child under 12, at least) could possibly hover over most public toilets, though. Maybe they use the paper thingies so as to not directly touch the toilet? (I sort of figure: germ transfer from my outer buttocks/thighs to anywhere those germs could do harm: not very likely; and germs on other peoples' outer thighs: also not very likely, so I just sit and call it a day. (but I do avoid touching anything with my hands that's possible to avoid, especially after washing my hands)(I use my sleeve or a paper towel [if things are lined up well for that in the bathroom] or the waist hem of my shirt to open the door; I am a weirdo, yes, but my cranky immune system is not to be trifled with.)

But yes. Awkward.


KC - I have recently begun doing the foot-flush.


Most of the public toilets I encounter are auto-flush, but I am immediately washing my hands, so eh. If I am unsure about the availability of soap-I'm-not-allergic-to and hot water, though I'll usually go for an elbow flush or a hand-flush using a square of toilet paper tossed into the flush early, partly because if I were the next person to use it, I'd rather not touch a toilet handle that someones's just-on-the-public-bathroom-floor shoes were on, in general. But with a "special" immune system, you do what you gotta do, and foot flushes work! (everyone else is washing their hands after flushing, one hopes, so it should be fine.)


KC - I never thought about my shoe-germs and the next guy. But to make up for it, I always go in to the stalls that people back out of because the last person didn’t flush. And I flush them.


Now that's being a Good Bathroom Citizen!!! I had an incident as a child where the toilet in someone's house (someone I had never met before! and I was a very shy kid in most ways) backed up on me, so now if I see an unflushed toilet, the possibility remains in my head that it may be Unflushed For A Reason and therefore I leave it strictly alone because I am a chicken.

The shoe-germs thing mostly occurred to me because the grossest of rest area bathrooms (where I am most likely to want to not touch the handle) are sometimes *wet* on the floor and euuugh transferring whatever-that-is to the handle: nope.

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