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July 01, 2019



Auuugh. I hope your vacation picks up good color soon.

(I sympathize with the lump of butter, though. Heat can be miserable, depending on what one's body does with it.)

(also, I *have* had a lot of fun grocery shopping sometimes; poking into corners of the store that aren't on my normal path and being baffled by products, or doing Grocery Store Tourism in a foreign country, or giving friends from another geography a local grocery store tour; but that is not the default for grocery shopping.)


KC - actually, since the driveway has now officially been poured, and the money has been paid, we are free to travel. Of course, Gary had to immediately take to his bed, but I hope we can at least catch a movie tonight, and the Pompeii exhibit at the science museum.


!!! Congratulations! (that was a lot faster than I was expecting - usually there's a delay before the project starts, and then various mid-project delays, etc...)

Sorry he's feeling unwell - hope he improves really fast (and that you can find something that you'll both enjoy - can you go somewhere that a lump of butter wouldn't melt right now, like maybe Ireland or somewhere Scandinavian, randomly on a cheapo fare?).

And science museums are so much fun. And also air conditioned, yay!


KC - I would hate to be in Iceland if there was a family emergency. Gary’s parents are aged.
And YES! The driveway did turn on a dime. Like you, I was expecting it to be an ordeal, with other driveways taking precedence over ours, but July 1 they showed up and tore out the old one, and then today at 6 am they poured the concrete, and then they waited an hour, then they brushed and smoothed and decorated and were done by noon. I was delighted.


Yes, international travel sort of depends on the grade of emergency, but if you stuck with European cities that are decent air hubs (and assuming that aged parents are also near a major airport on the middle to East half of the continental US), you could be back within 16 hours or so with a great deal of scuttling, probably. (as opposed to, say, New Zealand or something, which would be no dice.) But yes, that's something to take into consideration,,.

That is so lovely. Congratulations on your new driveway! And on driveway people who actually take pride in their work!!!


KC - 16 hours is long enough for some things, but not if you need to lend a hand. And thanks for reminding me - I need to post compliments for the cement people to Angie’s List.

Big Dot

I thought you Americans got no holidays, comparatively. So that's an amazing length of free time to play with. Do a road trip! Go to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin if you haven't already. It's extraordinary.


Big Dot - generally, everyone starts out with two weeks of vacation, and after five years of employment you bump up to three weeks, and then ten years of loyalty gets you four weeks. Hm - that place in Wisconsin is only a five-hour drive. That might be nice. It reminds me of the folk art exhibit in the Smithsonian.

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