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July 18, 2019



To be honest, leaving the family dog behind (likely with friends/family/neighbors) was probably a more pleasant outcome for said family dog than having to walk the entire way west, without shoes or moccasins, over cactus, sagebrush, and hot sand, so there's that.

(and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is *bonkers*)


KC - I first learned about that bridge when it was used in a computer book example of a particular type of code problem - an invisible problem that has to fail utterly before you know the problem exists. They still debate the theory of what caused the bridge to fail, and that’s scary as well.


Yes, things like unexpected resonance frequencies are slightly terrifying; basically all these things behave according to how they ought to behave, which can usually be represented by a formula except have you actually included *all* the formulas in the equation you've built? And the answer to that question, for the real world, is pretty much always "no, and we don't even know what other real-world factors might slightly affect things and combine to more-than-slightly affect things" but also is *almost* always "but close enough." But only almost-always...


KC - I put such faith in scientists. When there’s a fatal error and everybody has done their best, it’s hard to accept.

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