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July 19, 2019



Do random trucks often pull into your driveway?

Also: there is so much... information... on the internet; sometimes it seems like you can confirm any opinion you want to.


KC - oh, sure. The neighbors across the street have trucks and utility vans and often back up using our driveway. The lawn fertilizer people have a huge truck. And of course, the way we buy on-line the FedEx truck is a regular visitor.


All (all) the trucks here park on the street.

Of course, upon consideration, that is likely because our driveway is 1. narrow, 2. at a steep slant that 3. is too steep of a slant compared to the roadway so even short cars have to be carefully maneuvered so as to not bottom out. But also they want to just stop on the street and keep driving along after package dropoff, not do fancy backing-up, I expect...


KC - now that I think of it, FedEx does park on the street. Exterminators and sprinkler crew and crack dealers etc do park in the driveway. It’s okay. Only a week and a half left.

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