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June 11, 2019



I think it's reasonable to protest leaders of other countries when either:
1. they have major human-rights violations that they're trying to cover up or pretend it's All Just Fine We're All Reasonably Nice People Here (as with genocide, etc.) or
2. as an internationally-powerful figure, they have chosen to implement policies that affect you personally (as per farming out wars, pollution you're on the receiving end of, treaty or visa or tariff messes, etc.)

Protesting them as Just Plain Objectionable People is squishier (maybe more "stay in your lane"-ish) unless they've sought to be international figures in general, in which case it gets weirder: if the objectionable person got in their lane and built resorts and gave speeches and whatnot, *is* this in their lane to some degree? But yes. It's weird and slightly sticky and also probably varies depending on the type of protest and what they're protesting (there's "we hate you, individual!" and then there's "stop [policy choice]"). 2% sounds about right? I don't know.


KC - I think you’ve hit it. If they’re protesting the person, they have no skin in the game, but if they protest his policies and those policies affect them (and bigotry affects all humans), then it’s open season.

Big Dot

Sadly, all countries are not equal. What Trump decides the US will, or will not, do, affects all the rest of us sharing this planet, in many different ways. We ordinary citizens have no effective way of registering our objections other than trying to show him physically, and ideally in as personally insulting a way as possible (he started it), how much we despise his actions, and him too. I don't think you can separate the two. He is truly disgusting in every respect, and so are his decisions. You might be surprised at how universal, and strongly-held, this opinion is around the world.


Big Dot - well, when I think about him dropping out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, I absolutely see your point. What really surprises me are the people who support him, even in my suburban area.

Well, good. I’m glad you all hate him too. If I could cast an extra vote for you I would, so he isn’t here a second term.

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