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June 26, 2019



Transporting a tiara on your head because your hands are full: makes perfect sense.

Forgetting about it for a couple of hours while painting: unfortunately, also makes perfect sense.

(at least that means the tiara is pretty comfortable?)


KC - It is comfy. And I was surprised, because about two hours into the opera it became almost as painful as screw-in earrings.


Ouch! I wonder if it was a positioning issue on Opera Night - sometimes the comfortable place on the head to wear something is not the aesthetically ideal place to wear something... Or if it just has a "two hours, and then I go off duty and if I don't go off duty, you will be punished" working-hours limit with the Guild of Fancy Stuff?


KC - much as I like the idea of a labor union for tiaras, it's more likely that I developed invisible callouses like you do with new eyeglass frames.

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