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June 01, 2019



Opera where I grew up had tons of people wearing pull-out-all-the-stops attire (I mean, maybe not *all* the stops; not the weirdest things you can ever see on a fashion runway, nor things that obviously required a professional architect to design)(but definitely some dresses that non-obviously would have required a professional architect to design just because of knowing how gravity and whatnot work and the limitations of fabric?). The non-Nutcracker ballet had some of the same contingent, but a lower proportion; maybe 10-20% tux-and-full-length-beaded-gown? Fun to watch, anyway.

I wonder if you can access the cast photos ahead of time online for easier spotting? Do you collect autographs?


KC - Ooh, I have the program in my car. Good idea. I'll memorize the faces.

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