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June 25, 2019



If it 1. is visually obvious but 2. requires an usher to explain it (and requires the usher to *go find out* and then explain it), then your Grand Symbolism needs repairs to be effective. I have no problem with symbolism that people will miss initially but then grasp later upon further digestion, but if you're going to do things that are kind of baffling and incongruous and noticeable to casual observers, then they should also be decently decodeable by casual observers. That is just my opinion, though - and it is definitely harder to make Art of whatever kind that has enough cohesion in all its layers to be good stuff all the way down.


I'm usually a lurker... but i had to comment here - could the Bloody Marys have been Caesars? Rome... Caesars.... haha?


KC - yeah - I think that might have been appreciated by other set designers, but that’s about it.
Sarah (hi, Sarah!) - Well, that was good enough to lose your anonymity. Even if they weren’t Caesars, it’s so perfect that it should be so. I didn’t even know that’s a drink - evidently it’s a Canadian Bloody Mary with a touch of clam juice.

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