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May 31, 2019



The only things I can think of for not waiting until intermission:
1. you can't understand the words being sung and want, effectively, subtitles so you can follow, or
2. you are having what *might* be a medical call-911 emergency and there is a detail of what you are experiencing that would, if looked up on the internet, differentiate between "currently stroke" and "had slightly too much alcohol at dinner."

Neither of those would take wikipedia, though... but there might be others?

(but ugh. People who are unnecessarily loud/distracting at non-participatory-audience performances, hmph.)


KC - Well, tonight's the big night when we might see them again. I don't think I will ask them, though.I'm assuming they were brushing up on The Messiah: that's what I did during the intermission.

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