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May 11, 2019



That is bewildering, but I am glad it worked out for you eventually! :-) (and that is an interesting psychological/philosophical reflection)


KC- It was frustrating, but as I say, free money knocks the indignation right out of you.


It doesn't always knock the indignation right out of me; sometimes "free" just plain isn't worth it (my mother loves rebates; I would rather buy toothpaste without a rebate than wrestle with a company that's betting on making it enough of a pain to get a rebate that people will be tricked into buying their toothpaste-with-rebate and then give up on the rebate eventually - which makes me mad, not grateful), and sometimes "free" triggers a sort of vaguely defensive mechanism, if it's served up in an adequately superior/patronizing manner.

That said, $4,500 is enough to pay a very, very good hourly rate for quite a few phone calls, and the medication is "worth it" to you, which makes a difference. :-) *And* it sounds like they're not trying to swindle you or make it so it's hard enough that fewer people will do it (our insurance company and the medication appeals process and appeals delays: good "business", extremely bad ethics). Slightly incompetent in the face of a complicated system: easier to encounter cheerfully than malice!


KC - I would only use a rebate if it were for something I was buying already, like a printer. I almost never use coupons, because they’re almost never for what I want to eat.

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