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May 26, 2019


Big Dot

Pants liner? Lace duster? I know not of what you speak.


Big Dot - They must have them in New Zealand under a different name. I don't remember the actual name for pants slips (liners?) but you can see them here:

As for a duster - I think of it as a kimono that goes to your heels, as opposed to a short kimono.However, Wikipedia says:
"A duster is a light, loose-fitting long coat. The original dusters were full-length, light-colored canvas or linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust."


Opera clothes: often even more entertaining than the opera itself!

(although from your most recent post, it sounds like The Marriage of Figaro was indeed really good, probably winning out even over the live participatory fashion show)

I'm glad the pant slips finally got their day in the sun, or probably under the moonlight, I guess, decently obscured in silk chiffon and gently shaded by a lace duster. (I would love a J. Peterman duster, in theory. In practice, I suspect that there is no way I could keep swooping enough to live up to the illustrations, as with basically all J. Peterman clothes.)


KC - Thanks to you, today I learned:
J Peterman founded his company because he found a cowboy duster
J Peterman is a real person, not just a character on Seinfeld. I think I learn this intermittently.


A real person, but also a definitely fake person, I think?

I did not know that! At least, I didn't remember...


Wikipedia has three entries for J Peterman:
John Peterman, operator of the J. Peterman Company
The J. Peterman Company, an apparel company
Jacopo Peterman, a fictional version of John Peterman, portrayed by John O'Hurley on the television sitcom Seinfeld


That third is hilarious! I am impressed.

(I was more trying to say that while there's a real person, the catalogue.corporate persona is probably not that guy, in a similar way to how celebrities often have a stage/press presence/persona and then also who they are when they are not in performance mode (I mean, most humans do this to some degree, showing different sides of themselves in different social/professional settings and putting up fake fronts to varying degres, but it's probably most frequently exacerbated/fictionalized in celebrities of various kinds). In this case, presumably there is at least a filter one runs on one's personality when one's medium of expression is an idiosyncratic clothing catalogue, but I also would not be particularly surprised if the clothing catalogue J. Peterman concept turned out to be an almost entirely constructed/performative entity.)


KC - yes, like Betty Crocker.

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