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April 12, 2019



Perspective is... different... when you are just sort of accustomed to things being awry. (that said: maybe ask about the shadow next time?)

(and congratulations on fewer lesions!!! I had heard that you could stop the growth of them but not reverse them, but apparently this is not the case!!! Hooray for more things being healable than we thought!)


KC - I always thought they couldn’t be reversed as well. So then I did a search! And found this really crappy bit of news! Fewer lesions mean your brain is liquefying. Bad! Totally talking to the doctor now.
I suppose it’s possible that his standard for what qualifies as a lesion has changed in the past seven years.


KC and all concerned - well, that was a ten-minute long freakout. There were only 200 people in that study. Never mind.


Quite frankly, if your function is staying approximately stable, and you are Learning New Things and Doing Stuff, I do not think you need to worry that your brain is liquefying. (but: would still talk with neurologist, probably, both re: shadow and re: number of lesions)(sorry about the freakout - those are not fun.)


KC - Amen to that. I haven’t yet seen a correlation before between what my MRI looks like and how I feel, anyway.

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