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April 24, 2019



That is... really something.

On the plus side, they only take over your brain for a *moment* within the game? And boils; you don't get boils, right?

(just waiting for the Benign Fasciculations card, here...)


KC - fasciculations callback: hilarious. And no, no boils since that Bartholin’s gland cyst (do not google),


Warning taken, will not google. I have never had a boil. I never want to have a boil. Upon consideration, I also specifically want to never see online medical reference photos of boils. Sorry you have had a boil.

(also: you have enough magnesium, right? while I am not 100% sure, because there was a lot going on when I got sick and I ended up ignoring the fasciculations once they were deemed Not Clinically Relevant and then only eventually noticed that oh, I haven't had one of those for an increasingly-long while... they seem to have stopped shortly after I started taking daily magnesium supplements [I had ended up with severe magnesium deficiency in some way that is still opaque to both me and the medical profession - 0 stars, do not recommend]. I mean, a snare drum in your pelvis isn't the worst thing ever, but I bet it'd be nice to get it to shut up already.)(which: if you go for OTC magnesium, note that magnesium citrate is a laxative, and on some people, remarkably efficacious at that job. Oxide or gluconate: not as well absorbed [which only means you don't get *quite* as much magnesium out of it per mg of magnesium you take], but not a laxative. Magnesium is also a thing we can absorb through our skin, so epsom salt baths/foot baths are an option.)(unhelpful medical advice over the internet since... aw, sorry.)


KC - I did note the magnesium thing in researching fasciculations. My one-a-day gives me 78% of my RDA of “manganese”. I do eat salmon once a week. It does sound like Epsom salts might be the way to go.


KC - wait - manganese and magnesium are completely different. Hm.

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