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April 17, 2019



Yes, when pastries are that good day-old, they are worth quite a hike. I do think that the part of my brain that goes "oooh, croissants and sweet pastries!" is different from the part of my brain that goes "ooh, biscuits and gravy!" and it would be hard to want both at the same time? So if the main draw is the pastry, then biscuits and gravy would be dropped, I expect, because people are not in that frame of mind.

Unless my brain is just weird. Which, my brain *is* just weird. So who knows.

(are these low enough in sugar that your body doesn't get cranky about them? I know some croissants and related items really don't have much sugar in them, but many "breakfast pastries" are then also drenched in syrup or smothered in frosting and that would not work so well with a body that does not properly appreciate sugar...)

Big Dot

My god, the dedication! So glad the reward was proportional. Looks/sounds delicious. Mouth duly watering.


KC - I see biscuits as flour and fat, and croissants as flour and fat, just one is sweet and one is savory. And yes, the croissants did make my body cranky.
Big Dot - I wouldn’t say dedication, unless dedication is a synonym for gluttony in New Zealand.


I think that's a reasonable way of categorizing them - just not my brain's way. :-) (plain biscuits, yes, are in the same general area as croissants in my head; biscuits and gravy somehow land in an entirely different region)

Auugh. I was hoping that maybe flour+fat+a little bit of sugar (in my recipe for croissants, I think there's two tablespoons of sugar in a ~60-croissant recipe? not a specifically low-sugar recipe) would let you off the hook, but no. So maybe it's a good-ish thing that the bakery is, uh, somewhat inconvenient to access... sulk.

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