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February 01, 2019



That's... uh. Something.

I've read plenty of reviews where people complained that the item was way too small (read: they looked at the measurements in centimeters and thought they were inches), but how would you size up from Bowl A to Bowl B there? Would circumference instead of diameter be right? Or lip-of-bowl measurements being checked against base-of-bowl?

(Either way, yes, $55 for a plain bowl: nope. But that *is* the sort of thing you only know if you know it.)


KC - He didn't look at the price for the bowl any more than I looked at the price for the German book.I think we both rush through Amazon purchases for fear we might change our minds. While he said he measured, I am almost certain he did not.


Well, rushing through purchases *does* have some advantages over protracted vacations in the Swamp of Endless Dithering, so there is that. But I hate returning things enough that I read as much of the fine print as I can reasonably get through, even though it does result in some back and forth changing-of-mind (okay, part of the fine-print-reading is also to catch things like "microfiber that feels just like 500 THREAD COUNT EGYPTIAN COTTON but technically isn't if you read the fine print" because I also hate getting taken advantage of).

But the big question: keep the bowl as a raccoon bath (that is actually a perhaps-brilliant idea) or return?


KC - already returned. Amazon makes it almost too easy.

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