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February 06, 2019


Jessica Fantastica

I love being able to lift all my stock bits out instead of straining. I wish I had that little steamer basket, I probably have your Walmart model. I use a sieve and it doesn’t sit very well. I think you made a smart purchase!


*Yes* on just lifting the thing out to strain aromatics or whatever (but go slow and wear oven mitts if the stockpot is full-ish: the side holes gush water if you lift the insert quickly enough that it hasn't drained before you get above the top of the stockpot, and if your hands are on the handle without protection for long enough to lift things out without the geysers, then you tend to get a mild-sunburn-level steam singe). I also loved the insert for straining things I'm pouring into the stockpot to concentrate by simmering down. Or for heating things up simultaneously. Or pasta.

(I assume you also checked that it was induction-friendly? Because that would be maddening.)

Also: apple pie filling that you cook in a stockpot? I've read of people canning apple pie filling-like stuff for later use (such as pouring it over ice cream, using it on pancakes, etc.), but I've never cooked apples *before* putting them in the pie?


Jessica Fantastica - i currently use one of those little expandable steamer baskets with feet. They rust after twenty years, and this one won’t. The steam will have to travel quite a ways to get up to the broccoli, though.
KC - oh, yes, I walked around with a magnet - plus it said induction on the box. Also, that is really good advice about lifting the strainer.


Oh, good. Bring-your-own-magnet is smart...

May you never belatedly remember the advice! :-) (Really, it's not *that* bad. On different occasions, I have ended up with water geysering out of the holes onto the floor and counter, and with sunburned-ish hands, however, and it is not all that hard to avoid both these fates.)


KC - I am almost certain I will forget the advice until it is belated. Hopefully I’ll only make the mistake a few times.

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