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February 04, 2019



I once left out the flour entirely from chocolate chip cookies. The post-baking result did have to be reimagined as "chocolate chip cookie truffles" - scraped together, rolled into balls, then dipped in cocoa powder - but I had people ask me for the recipe, which is usually a good sign.

I still don't recommend it; cleanup was a bear.

Chicken pot pie, however - that's good stuff. *And* you can skip the bottom crust! (depending on your local chicken pot pie viewpoints; some people are strict two-crusters)


KC - oh, I am a two-cruster.

Jessica Fantastica

I’ve started working at gm financial (I was your Radioshack reader) and they don’t want us to gender anything. I am the only woman on my team, and only one of three in my whole area, and all the guys always make me go first. They’re all sixty-ish so I think it’s just too hard a habit for them to break.


Jessica Fantastica - a young man said “Ladies first” in the lunch line today. I told him I wasn’t a lady. He looked confused.

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