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February 18, 2019



Well, the "It's your choice!" thing when presented with two or three each-totally-unacceptable options is a modern trend in many areas of psychological manipulation including politics (and the outfit selections of small children; it's not all evil), so there is that. But usually those are tweaked so that the one option that the Powers That Be want you to choose is preferable, to you, compared to either of the alternatives, and I do not understand how six mostly-to-entirely-unpalatable-looking open-faced sandwiches would get anyone anywhere, really, unless there's an alternative. (I do very much like dill and cream cheese, but even though I really like dill, that is way, way too much dill.)

Actually, maybe that's the psychology secret: they advertise Noom with abrasive-looking whole wheat bread topped with hedge trimmings for a few days (plus maybe some really unpleasant-looking exercise advertisements thrown in?) and *then* hit you with liposuction/gastric-bypass/etc. ads, or maybe quack fad diet pill ads, once you've decided that it would be just plain *miserable* to try to lose weight via Noom/exercise?

(also: muffler: like, a car part?)


KC - first, muffler as in warm woolen winter scarf. Also, I remember Mom always gave us the option of vegetables or applesauce (fruits vs vegetables). We always chose applesauce, of course. Are you saying that maybe she wanted us to eat the applesauce all along?


Ah, okay! I was wondering, but I thought that was an archaic usage of muffler. I've run across it in public domain fiction from the late 1800s, but hadn't run across it elsewhere - but there are many, many places I haven't spent enough time in to pick up the local language nuances, and it might be one of those soda/pop/Coke geography things. Hooray for fuzzy things for husband!

Hm. I hate to suspect your mother of Deep Psychological Games, but... probably yes. :-)

(but unpeeled avocado and limes??? who was in charge of this photoshoot, and do they *eat*?)


KC - perhaps it is regional or archaic. I recently used the word “brassiere” to some 20 year olds and they had no idea what I meant.

Kayla Baker

Glad someone else noticed the stupid advertisement with the unpeeled limes and avocados. I think the bottom left is zucchini slices on top of some kind of brownish spread - maybe a kind of tapenade?? Who knows. In any case my Italian boyfriend hates the pesto one with whole ass basil leaves.


Kayla Baker (Hi Kayla!) - oh, zucchini and tapenade sounds more appetizing than cucumber on bare whole wheat. I’ve been noticing their spots on TV now - normal-weight people saying that they’ve lost weight. I have yet to encounter anyone in real life who has tried Noom, though.

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