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February 03, 2019


Big Dot

Kind of think that his having initially apologised for the photo suggests that, even if he now genuinely believes the person in the photo wasn't actually him, he's admitting that he did dress like that in the past. Case closed.

As for beer, I never like it till I tried Rotbier in Germany - beer with cordial! If anyone else did that it would be sacrilege, but no-one's going to argue with Germans over how to drink beer. I especially like(d) Blue Moon with raspberry cordial. (Can't buy it any more in NZ.)


Big Dot - Blue Moon is made from wheat, not hops, so you aren’t drinking flowers, so I like that. But that said, why wouldn’t you just drink the cordial straight?

Big Dot

Ah yes, wheat beer, I remember now. You would think I'd never done tours through breweries. Cordial alone is boring (also - because? - unalcoholic). Beer with a splash of cordial is just lovely. Try it!


Big Dot - here are my thoughts, in order:
1. What what what - cordial is unalcoholic?
2. Then how does Diana get drunk on cordial in Anne of Green Gables?
3. Oh, they were supposed to drink cordial but they drank wine.
4. Must look up cordial. “Cordial - NORTH AMERICAN- another term for liqueur.” (Caps courtesy of Merriam-Webster online dictionary.)
5. Aha! Still, strange, Anne of Green Gables is set in Canada. Wikipedia says a cordial is not alcoholic in the U.K., so I suppose the U.K. influence overrides the North American influence.

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