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February 08, 2019



I do not ignore tornado sirens (because *tornado sirens* - around here, they are very loud and also they mean business unless it is the monthly test) but yes, anything that blinks at me from my computer I am more or less habituated to ignore/close unless it's really frying out the screen - I assume the same would be true for a TV, if I had a TV.

I do think the old-school fairly-ugly thing works better than Graphic Designed thing, however (at least as long as savvy advertisers don't catch on and start imitating it).

And yes, blacking out the screen with the message in white (or red, I'm not picky) in a very readable but not attractive font seems like a great way of communicating, as long as one is not simultaneously trying to communicate "we are a very savvy and cool organization!" which, honestly, if you are communicating potentially life-saving information and expressing your identity is getting in the way of that, maybe *drop* the strategic branding push for a wee bit? But that's me.


KC - I, on the other hand, defied tornado sirens until several houses on our street were taken out by a tornado five or six years ago. (The black and white message from the cable company made me cocky, and I figured if they weren
t sending me a B&W personal message that I was safe..)


,,, I *might* be more risk-averse than you are? Wild guess. (I am *definitely* more risk-averse than Gary - dude takes his life in his hands at 2am!)

(personally, I figure that since tornadoes move more quickly than I do, by the time they have a "okay, yes, a tornado is 50% likely to hit you" pinpoint, then that would probably be too late for me to get anywhere safe. So I'm okay with heading to shelter occasionally even though the odds of our house being hit and destroyed are low.)


KC - well, I live a mile away from the actual weather radar location, so if anything on radar hits the middle of the doppler image I know it is a about a mile away, and I can get down the basement stairs in seconds.

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