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January 14, 2019


Going to pretend to be anonymous here

So, I, uh, "know of" ultra-wimpy labial skin that will in fact bleed if you wipe it firmly with dry toilet paper. This can be gotten around by cleaning with (no perfumes, no additives) lotion/moisturizer/cold-cream-sort-of-stuff (like Aquaphor or Cetaphil). In theory, as per one horrified gynecologist, unscented baby wipes might work, but have not been tested because Option 1 worked and didn't have to be purchased.

No idea if the level of bleeding or location of bleeding is similar, but in case it is just "hi, we're ludicrously oversensitive and occasionally will rip like wet tissue paper at the slightest provocation" skin, then that might help. But probably that is not the issue. Good luck.


Going to pretend - your writing style is easily identifiable. And I would agree, only there is swelling first, and I think the swelling is giving rise to stretched skin that ruptures. However, I do know that things down there become more delicate after the pause, and that perhaps that’s why that parts gets its hackles up so easily now.

Going to pretend to be anonymous here

Yes, I figured it would not be anonymous to you (also, I hope my writing style is not terrifically annoying - apologies if it is). But somehow it *feels* vaguely less like someone might be able to somehow google and connect it to me IRL. Not that I admit to personal possession of the occasionally wimpy skin in question or anything like that...

Eugh, swelling too! Sorry. Altogether, this is pretty high on the list of top ten general body parts whose hackles I do not wish to have raised. I hope it returns to a placid state soon, whether randomly or by OTC cream intervention or more "official" medical intervention.


Going to pretend - it has straightened itself out again already. And you are not at all annoying. It is distinctly easy and natural.

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