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January 10, 2019



There's also the "and exactly *what* would I do about it if it does all smash up?" question if one is not a professional in the field (or, I suppose, unless one had obliging contacts in the field). So far, just leaving money in there rather than selling out whenever things drop has seemed like a generally good plan, as long as you're far enough out that the *news channel* is how you find out about market crashes.

I'm in favor, in general, of being an Informed Global Citizen, but if there's something you can't do anything about that is also going to stress you out a ton to try to keep track of, then for goodness' sake stop hovering and get done what you *can* get done...


KC - staying calm and standing pat has always been my strategy. It’s just I’m old enough now that retirement is a factor, and when you retire on a down day it affects the rest of your life.


True, you do not want to pull the money out of your retirement stock market account during a Particularly Bad Bit. Ideally one would have enough other savings to be able to putter along until the stock market levels somewhat, or something. But we have those "target retirement date" accounts that gradually shuffle things out of the stock market and into more-stable investments, so hopefully that will... work like it is supposed to. Or something.


KC - I think I’m going to start shifting stuff five years out. Which is soon.

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