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January 08, 2019



I have read that kitchen temperature (and flour temperature) can also mess with perceived dough hydration, because cold butter is not-squashy butter.

But Alexa's timer and the whipped cream - I got nothin' (and I certainly have no theories nearly as entertaining as your pantheon-involving ones).

I bet the pie was still tasty, though! (were you able to get the whipped cream working, more or less?)


KC - no, I just gave up on the whipped cream. We had a spare. It hurt, but I pitched it.


I don't feel good throwing away food, but shelf-stable "whipped cream" stored in pressurized air in a can: is it really *quite* food? :-) (I say this jokingly, as someone with a soft spot for Velveeta, also questionable in the food-ness category)

Anyway, if you had a spare, then the goal of apple pie with whipped cream was still attainable despite all interference! Congratulations!


KC - Like you, I will defend Velveeta as a food, not as a cheese.

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