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January 03, 2019


Jessica Fantastica

You never fail to crack me up. I usually visit a megaplex style theater. It was crammed full for A Quiet Place which I was worried about, you know, for quiet reasons. I did hear the explosions or whatever in neighboring theaters but in mine, everyone was completely silent during the quiet parts. When there were finally sounds, we all ravenously tore into our snacks, but when the silence returned, everyone stopped devouring until the next noisy time. IT WAS AMAZING. One of the best movie experiences in my life.


Jessica Fantastica - that’s hilarious that everyone didn’t eat through most of A Quiet Place. (That was such a creepy movie.) I wonder if I watched that movie in Gary’s very favorite spot at the movie complex: the bistro theater, where they will bring food to you. That means the first half hour and last half hour of the movie is full of ushers bringing food and food bills. And of course, he stubbornly stands in line for his soda anyway.

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