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January 27, 2019



Portioned and seasoned and waiting in sous-vide bags??? Next you'll tell me that things are even *labeled*...

(also: I would personally tend to *avoid* the knife-wielding person who looks like she's dismembering a dead body, if she *really* looks like she's dismembering a dead body. But that's just me. Maybe the self-preservation instinct is something that's suppressed by thyroid medications.)


KC - Of course they are labeled: what cut they are, how long they are to be in the sous-vide, and what temperature setting they need. Then I can just bring the meat up from the basement, throw it frozen in the water, all the info is right there and then just mere DAYS LATER I have dinner.


I was with you there until "days later" because... uh. Hm.

I guess low-and-slow does tend to be how sous vide goes, though.

(but congratulations on including that information on each packet; labeling things one is putting in the freezer is possibly one of the easier (but not often-used) ways to Avoid Mild Regret. :-) )


KC - I find that it is hard to put things in the sous-vide because I feel like I am slighting the previously prepared foods in the refrigerator. It’s been days and I haven’t cooked any of it.

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